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Digital Media and Learning Competition 5: The Trust Challenge

We are thrilled to announce that the Digital Media and Learning Competition 5: The Trust Challenge has selected FemTechNet’s “Addressing Anti-Feminist Violence Online” for funding! Thumbs up to the members of the collective who joined this effort and will work toward creating The Resilience Network. There were many great submissions; we are pleased with this success! Congratulations to all!

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On this website you will find many resources for learning more about feminism, cyberfeminism, and feminist theories of technology, including videos with major scholars and subject matter experts, reading lists and bibliographies, projects to do with classmates or undertake on your own as a do­it­yourselfer, and syllabi from past and present FemTechNet classes. You will also find a manifesto, a technical report, and a section called “Who We Are” to help you get oriented. See that little magnifying glass icon up on the right? That’s where you enter search terms.

Most of all, we want to help you find the most important resource that FemTechNet offers: people in the FemTech community.

These people include feminists of all genders who are college instructors, librarians, students, artists, activists, and organizers. We offer open online office hours while classes are in session and try to answer email inquiries individually to help you find community wherever you are.

A lot of our activity takes place in face-­to-­face settings, such as informal meet­ups at scholarly conferences or the annual meetings of many academic professional organizations. We also have sponsored symposia and colloquia with more structured lectures, roundtables, and performances where participants new to FemTechNet can ask questions.

You can also participate even if you are far away from a FemTechNet campus. One of the best ways to participate in FemTechNet is to join one of our committees, so you can help in the organizational initiatives of our larger group. Committees have regular meetings online where we can see and hear each other with technologies for collaborating across distance.

We also hold week­ long summer workshops for FemTechNet instructors who attend in person or join us online.

Please explore the resources here to help you learn about feminism and technology. You are welcome to contact us or others listed on this website. We value your potential contributions and participation!


Sharon Irish, Elizabeth Losh, & Lisa Nakamura

Co-­Facilitators, 2014-­16