FemTechNet is going to the Allied Media Conference!
This year’s FemTechNet get-together will be at the 19th annual Allied Media Conference, June 15-18 in Detroit, MI. 
We are committing ourselves to collaborative work; to regularly acknowledge contributions in an effort to avoid reproducing institutionally oppressive strategies wherein the literal and affective labor burdens are shouldered by those marginalized because of their race, class, gender, employment status, geographic location, or other precarious statuses; to support our individual careers and professionalization practices through documenting our work; to care for one another; and to situate our varied skills, research foci, and activism. Join us, find out more at our AMC page! We’re also getting married (to the struggle)! We’re registered at Honeyfund. Buy us something to celebrate our commitment!

FemTechNet.org Website

On this website you will find many resources for learning more about feminism, cyberfeminism, and feminist theories of technology, including videos with major scholars and subject matter experts, reading lists and bibliographies, projects to do with classmates or undertake on your own as a do­it­yourselfer, and syllabi from past and present FemTechNet classes. You will also find a manifesto, a white paper, and a section called “About” to help you get oriented.

Most of all, we want to help you find the most important resource that FemTechNet offers: people in the FemTech community.

A lot of our activity takes place in face-­to-­face settings, such as informal meet­ups at scholarly conferences or the annual meetings of many academic professional organizations. We also have sponsored symposia and colloquia with more structured lectures, roundtables, and performances where participants new to FemTechNet can ask questions.

Please explore the resources here to help you learn about feminism and technology. We value your potential contributions and participation!

Contact: femtechnetinquiries AT gmail DOT com