banner3FemTechNet operates in a horizontal committee structure, which is an experiment that started in September 2016. We no longer have co-facilitators for the entire collective, instead we are focusing on the work of our committees. Each of the four current committees will take turns running the monthly Steering Committee. This (un)structure emerged from the network, where committees (and working groups within committees) are creating projects and maintaining momentum that orient and focus the network.

There are 2 major reasons for this experiment:

      1. Co-facilitating is exhausting. We have no funding. Since FemTechNet’s beginning in 2012, the various co-facilitators have done work that people are usually paid to do. This has been a destructively sacrificial pattern that we would like to end.
      2. Following from this, FemTechNet will run according to the interests of its members, with the distributed leadership of committee and working group chairs and participants. Rather than running ourselves as a professional organization that strives for coherence and intelligibility within a corporate, metrics-driven university logic, we aim to be more like an artist or activist collective that strives for mutual care and kick-ass projects that get done based on the interest and energy of participants.

If you are new to FemTechNet, how can you get involved? One way is to attend an online committee meeting. These are informal sessions in which participants would welcome your presence, even if you just want to listen in on one or more meetings of one or more committees for a while, and get your bearings. The committees are: Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES), Operations, Pedagogy Projects (PedProComm), and DOCC Instructors (DOCC stands for “Distributed Open Collaborative Course”). You are also welcome to reach out to the committee chairs or members via femtechnetinquiries AT gmail DOT com.

Another way to get involved is to email femtechnetinquiries AT gmail DOT com and introduce yourself briefly, sharing your interests and ideas. Then we will try and connect you with members of the network who can be your buddy(ies) as you get to know this many-headed, marvelous group.


FemTechNet.org Website

On this website you will find many resources for learning more about feminism, cyberfeminism, and feminist theories of technology, including videos with major scholars and subject matter experts, reading lists and bibliographies, projects to do with classmates or undertake on your own as a do­it­yourselfer, and syllabi from past and present FemTechNet classes. You will also find a manifesto, a white paper, and a section called “About” to help you get oriented.

Most of all, we want to help you find the most important resource that FemTechNet offers: people in the FemTech community.

A lot of our activity takes place in face-­to-­face settings, such as informal meet­ups at scholarly conferences or the annual meetings of many academic professional organizations. We also have sponsored symposia and colloquia with more structured lectures, roundtables, and performances where participants new to FemTechNet can ask questions.

Please explore the resources here to help you learn about feminism and technology. We value your potential contributions and participation!

Contact: femtechnetinquiries AT gmail DOT com